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A couple of the best are online at the Perseus Project:
Scroll down for dictionary options.

I have Cassell's which is very inexpensive. The problem with Latin  
dictionaries though is that you have to know the first person singular form  
(for verbs) and the nominative/genitive cases (nouns) to be able to look up  
the words directly. If you look at the listing you can probably figure it  
out. However, you may have trouble figuring out some of the details of  
grammar without knowing/understanding how Latin endings work. Latin is an  
inflected language which means that the words change form to reflect case,  
person, tense, number, etc.. There are very nice charts in the back of  
Wheelock's Latin text which also is pretty inexpensive.


On Oct 26, 2010 1:25am, Janey Joyce <jejoyce at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I am beginning to try to translate some Catholic Church records written  
> in Latin

> and wonder if some of you have some advice for me.

> Can you recommend a dictionary that isn't priced in the hundreds of  
> dollars

> range? Have you found a particularly helpful online Latin dictionary?

> Some of these documents were written in the 1600s and come from Italian

> churches. Some were written in the late 1800s and come from American  
> churches.

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