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My experience with Catholic Church records was limited to one church where
my grandmother's family attended in the 1890s to 1920s.  I have a friend who
has done far more research in Catholic records.  She helped me with some
things.  Between us there was only a couple of words we could not figure
out.  At the time my nephew was taking Latin and his teacher translated them
for me.

As far as a dictionary, I picked one up at a used book sale in anticipation
of needing one when I did further research on my grandmother' siblings.

Chuck Mason

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I am beginning to try to translate some Catholic Church records written in
and wonder if some of you have some advice for me. 

Can you recommend a dictionary that isn't priced in the hundreds of dollars 
range? Have you found a particularly helpful online Latin dictionary?

Some of these documents were written in the 1600s and come from Italian 
churches. Some were written in the late 1800s and come from American

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