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Jill N. Crandell jncrandell at broadweave.net
Mon Oct 25 18:16:24 MDT 2010

While reading this conversation about historical place names, modern place
names, and GPS coordinates, I have wondered if the differences of opinion
also have to do with differences in purpose. Larry can correct me if I am
misinterpreting his comments, but it seems to me that he has a particular
interest in locating places on a map of today, especially for clients to
find family historical places. My reaction is that I wouldn't use GPS
coordinates. My intent in recording place names is to use the historical
names so that records for that jurisdiction can be located for research
purposes. I also feel that the "place" an event occurred had to exist at the
time it occurred. GPS coordinates and modern place names don't meet the
needs for my purposes. I have used GPS coordinates to locate a specific
grave within a cemetery, especially in a large cemetery or for an unmarked
grave, but I have not used them for larger, more general place designations.


Just some thoughts,



Jill N. Crandell, AGR

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