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LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Mon Oct 25 17:55:41 MDT 2010

Maybe this is a more appropriate topic for the rather silent SourcCitations 
list, because really it's an issue (historical/modern names) that's 
encountered more often in that area.

I'd like to explore options for rationalizing the use of coordinates in 
conjunction with the use of place names.  Seems to me a few simple 
guidelines would allow someone to tell when coordinates were representative 
of  the whole township and when they referred to a specific, (almost) exact 
location within the township.

then it wouldn't matter whether historical names or modern names were used 
as they would all be available by referencing the coordinates they share.

Any discussion of this should probably start with the whole 
historical/modern name choice problem (and I have a good article bookmarked 
on that subject).

anyone interested in this contact me off list and I'll give you the 
directions to the SourceCitation list.  I just sense there's not a lot of 
interest on these lists to take this into any depth.  Am I right?

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