[APG Public List] London for February 2011

Alvie L Davidson floridasearch at verizon.net
Sun Oct 24 04:06:52 MDT 2010

Good morning folks,

I am working on my plans to travel to London for the "Who Do You Think You
Are" session to help represent the presence of APG.  The travel time is
scheduled for Feb 22nd and returning on March 1st.  I have been told by the
travel agent in Oklahoma that if I travel alone it will cost me an
additional $500.  That is quite a price tag put onto a member of APG just
because I wish to travel alone.  I will go that route but would like to
scuttle the extra charges by trying to find a person to split the room
costs.  Double rooms are a bit less and more reasonable.

I have no plans to stay extra in London after March 1st as I have heard some
members do plan.  Some have expressed a desire to do some tourist stuff and
sigh-see a bit after March 1st.

So, whoever might wish to share a room in London at the Hilton Olympia will
have to be in the same mind-set as me or bear the extra expense.

If anyone who might be planning to go to London and has no problem with
sharing a room, please contact me off-list and we can discuss it.



Alvie L. Davidson 

Lakeland, FL 


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