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I can add my recommendation for Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. The opportunities for virtual education have exploded in the last few years with varying study groups meeting from all around the country. Nothing can compare, however, to the experience of being immersed in advanced genealogical education. The classes are in-depth and challenging, and the opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals is fantastic. I have made invaluable colleague and mentoring relationships through my attendance at SLIG.

As a side note in addition to the AG/CG course being discussed, which I have heard is fantastic, the Professional Paths course is being offered by Kory Meyerink again this year. The full course listings are available here: http://www.infouga.org/index.php?option=2011institute.

The early-bird discount expires October 31st!
Christy Fillerup

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I heartily agree with Elissa's reminder and suggestion about attending SLIG.  I have attended SLIG for many of the past 10 years, and I have always had a quality education experience, especially the AG/CG course last year, which provided an excellent clarification of the differences and similarities between the two, as well as an earlier "Becoming a Professional" course with Kory Meyerink, and several Problem Solving courses.  

And if you never attended SLIG, it is an excellent opportunity to strengthen skills and knowledge with week-long (or more) access to the Family History Library.  I think a number of Boston U alumni and ProGen members will be there.  I'll be in Dr. Jones' course this year.

Patricia Thomas
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