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I believe there was a prohibition to being married during Lent.

Lisa Gorrell

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> Having been raised Catholic, I am quite surprised to hear this. Do you have
> documentation?
> Nora
> LBoswell wrote:
>> there was (is still?) a definite preference for Catholics as to preferred
>> times of the year for marriages.  Could it be related to her religious
>> faith?
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>>    My newly "found" aunt has five (so far) documentable marriage
>>    dates between 1856 and 1883. Each marriage took place in either
>>    February or March, which seemed a little coincidental. Has anyone
>>    noticed anything in the way of "preferences" or tendencies for the
>>    time of a year for marriages during this time period? Or was it
>>    just that this lady apparently preferred marrying during those
>>    months. These marriages took place in Nebraska and Iowa. Aunt Emma
>>    has at least one other marriage, but I just don't have a date.
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