[APG Public List] mid-late 19th Century Marriage Time Preferences?

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I often wonder if she had a birthday at that time, or if she was a romantic
(when did Valentine's Day traditions start?) Or perhaps some other religious
or secular holiday that she enjoyed. Or when the preacher came to her town.



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Weather would be a consideration, especially if there was travel involved
for guests, etc. 


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My newly "found" aunt has five (so far) documentable marriage dates between
1856 and 1883. Each marriage took place in either February or March, which
seemed a little coincidental. Has anyone noticed anything in the way of
"preferences" or tendencies for the time of a year for marriages during this
time period? Or was it just that this lady apparently preferred marrying
during those months. These marriages took place in Nebraska and Iowa. Aunt
Emma has at least one other marriage, but I just don't have a date. 

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