[APG Public List] Question about a marriage bond

Fredric Z. Saunders fzsaund at ix.netcom.com
Sun Oct 3 11:56:32 MDT 2010

All in 1856 should be $1000.  
To see an actual NC marriage bond and the wording used on the bonds and
images of them go to:
Toward the middle of the page (a little below that) you will find marriage
bonds for which images of the bond have been supplied for some.  Look at
Brown under B for an example of one from the $1000 time period.  Many
earlier bonds from the 1700s will be handwritten entirely, with no "fill in
the blanks."
Once a person reads a bond, and doesn't just rely on a abstract, the purpose
of the bond is clear.
Rick Saunders
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