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I don't find the penalty amount that unusual as the penalty was £500 
($1,000) in earlier North Carolina bonds. I'll take a look 1856 marriage 

Kathy Gunter Sullivan

Patti Hobbs wrote:£
> I'm sorry. I guess I zeroed in on what I wanted to know.  She also did 
> ask the question about why it would be required. I don't have that 
> particular question, so I zoned out on it.  I only want to know why a 
> bond for a particular couple would be so much higher than that of the 
> others in that time period.
> Patti
> On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 12:01 PM, Patti Hobbs <plhgenealogy at gmail.com 
> <mailto:plhgenealogy at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Ok, you both have addressed the purpose of the marriage bond, but
>     I did not think that was the question.  What is the significance
>     of a large bond being required when all (at least many) are much,
>     much less.
>     Patti
>     On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 11:46 AM, Kathy Gunter Sullivan
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>         A marriage bond is simply a pledge that there is no legal
>         impediment to the couple's marriage (impediments would be
>         underage, already married, so forth). The official issuing
>         (writing and witnessing) the bond charges a fee, but the
>         amount of the bond (the penalty) is not payable unless some
>         irregularity is later discovered (underage, already married,
>         so forth). The bondsman (Joseph S. Taylor in this instance) is
>         simply standing as security that if the marriage is later
>         determined to be irregular and, therefore the penalty ($1,000)
>         becomes payable, he (Joseph) will pay the penalty if Samuel
>         Taylor does not. Advise your friend to read all the language
>         of the marriage bond.
>         Kathy Gunter Sullivan
>         MFP wrote:
>>         A friend has a question about a marriage bond (posted below).
>>         I know nothing about marriage bonds and am turning to this
>>         list for help. I will send .pdf copy of the bond if needed.
>>          TIA
>>          Mag
>>          Is there any significance to the amount on this marriage
>>         bond???  It seems very unusual.  Samuel and Joseph were
>>         brothers.  Why do they have to pay the state $1000 for a
>>         marriage bond?  Other marriage bonds that I copied did not
>>         have this extra information attached.
>>          "Samuel Taylor enters into bond with Joseph S. Taylor to the
>>         state of NC for the sum of $1000.  Joseph S. Taylor made an
>>         application for marriage to Jemima Walters.  The marriage was
>>         performed on 30 July, 1856 by Noah Mercer, J.P."

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