[APG Public List] Question about a marriage bond

MFP courthouseresearcher at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 10:34:10 MDT 2010

A friend has a question about a marriage bond (posted below). I know nothing
about marriage bonds and am turning to this list for help. I will send .pdf
copy of the bond if needed.



 Is there any significance to the amount on this marriage bond???  It seems
very unusual.  Samuel and Joseph were brothers.  Why do they have to pay the
state $1000 for a marriage bond?  Other marriage bonds that I copied did not
have this extra information attached.

 "Samuel Taylor enters into bond with Joseph S. Taylor to the state of NC
for the sum of $1000.  Joseph S. Taylor made an application for marriage to
Jemima Walters.  The marriage was performed on 30 July, 1856 by Noah Mercer,
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