[APG Public List] ordering CMOS, was Re: Citing a manuscript

Julie Michutka jmm at pathbridge.net
Sat Nov 27 09:02:11 MST 2010

I  ordered the new (hardcover) 16th ed. CMOS just 2 or 3 weeks ago.   
Trying to be frugal, I found a couple of options: order more cheaply  
at Amazon, or order directly from CMOS (http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html 
).  If you order from CMOS and click the box for ordering the online  
subscription, then click the individual subscription, up pops a box  
offering a special deal: $5 off the one or two year online  
subscription, plus the hardcopy book for only $32.50. I don't remember  
what the total for those two ends up being. (As far as I can tell,  
this offer does not pop up if you go through the process of ordering  
the book only.)  I decided to go with the combo from CMOS and see if I  
like the online subscription enough to make it worth continuing.   
(Thanks to Michael LeClerc at NEHGS for alerting people to this offer.)

Julie Michutka
jmm at pathbridge.net

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