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Elizabeth wrote: 
> 3. All caps (as illustrated by Michael), have never been an acceptable manner of designating titles in either the printing or typing worlds.
> For one reason, it's always been considered SCREAMING. For another, it obscures critical distinctions between upper and lower-case
> letters in situations where those make a difference. For example, if we were to take the ‘title’ that has been constructed for this 
> manuscript in the WorldCat entry to which Drew pointed us, and we were to capitalize it, we would have SAMUEL MACMILLAN'S DEATH 
> REGISTER.  What, then, would be the accurate way to write this man's surname? Was he "Samuel MacMillan" or "Samuel Macmillan"?

My reference to all-caps was in regard to ASCII-only email, mailing lists, etc., where no other option (primarily italics) is available.  It is my understanding that all caps was the acceptable way to reproduce italics in this environment.  I would never use underlining, but wanted to include it simply because some people still do (even if it is not recommended).
To answer the (probably rhetorical) question about how to capitalize Samuel MacMillan's name in all caps, I usually use the convention "MacMILLAN" for "MacMillan," while "Macmillan" would be "MACMILLAN."  Again, this is only to replace italics in ASCII-only environments, such as email, etc.  I never scream, at least not on-list.  I can do that in the privacy of my own room, without clicking the "Send" button. ;)

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