[APG Public List] Citing a manuscript

Jean Suplick jean.suplick at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 06:40:14 MST 2010

First, thank you all the explanations and pointers regarding my
questions about family tradition. It helped immensely.

I have another source & citation puzzler. At least it is for me! I've
read several different sections of EE, but my head is spinning at this
point. I'm just too new to the fine points of citing sources to feel
good about any of my attempts at this one so far.

In the genealogical collection of a library is a photocopy of a
manuscript. The original manuscript was apparently written in a bound
notebook of lined leaves with numbered pages.) It is untitled. The
author penned on the first page of the original notebook: "Compiled
and Written by Samuel Mac Millan in 1914 in the 85 year of his age."
On the first page of the photocopy is penned "Copied from original
owned by Dr. James T. Herron, Canonsburg, Pa." And another penned
note, "Copy - Mrs. [private name], [private address]."

So I have:
- The author
- No title, but I can construct one
- A date for the manuscript
- A pretty good idea of the location where the manuscript was created
- A presumed possessor of the original manuscript (although I know he
is deceased, I but have not located the current owner of the original)
- The presumed previous owner of the original manuscript (got that
from a different, reliable source)
- Who photocopied the original and where they live, but not when it
was photocopied.
- The repository of the photocopy (a public library in the county in question)
- It is not part of any collection of papers or series at the library,
just a lone, cataloged item

I'm looking for pointers on how to construct a source entry and a 1st
reference for this.
I think one of my confusions is how to note the provenance, sketchy as
it is. It seems important to capture that for this particular work.
Does one put a note at the end of the source entry? In square
brackets? How long is too long?

Thanks in advance,
Jean Suplick

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