[APG Public List] Citing family tradition

Jean Suplick jean.suplick at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 17:30:44 MST 2010


I'm new to this email list and this is my first posting. I'm looking
for help with formulating a source citation for "family tradition".
Here's my use case:

My grandmother told me, many years ago when she was still living, that
her mother went by "Fanny Jane" and that her father's middle name was
"Ronald". I have several sources giving Fanny's middle initial as J,
and likewise the father's as R, but nothing stating Jane nor Ronald
for their middle names. I have no reason to doubt that my Grandma
truly knew her parents' middle names like I know my parents' -- their
family was not estranged and they were a family very in touch with
their history.

I'd be ever so grateful if someone would please please provide me a
sample source list entry and first reference note for citing this

Jean Suplick

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