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> I assume that you meant "repository" for Revolutionary War records. The 
> National Archives has the Revolutionary War military records if that is 
> what you are looking for. See a description of the collection at 
> <http://www.archives.gov/research/guide-fed-records/groups/093.html>

     There are _many_ Revolutionary War military records which are not held at the National Archives. I've personally used the microfilm of some of these at the Massachusetts Archives (I will never forget the day I spotted Paul Revere's name on one of the records I was scrolling past) - and although I haven't used all of them, I do know there are other state archives which hold collections of Revolutionary War military records not available at the National Archives.
     There is no one source. There is no one place where all these records are collected. They are all over the place. Until you know what colony / state you are interested in, and the nature of the record, you can't even begin to guess where to look.
     Much of what NARA has was created some time after the Revolution; records such as pension applications and files. Massachusetts, on the other hand, has muster rolls, pay rolls, military orders, all sorts of documents created _during the war_ - before there was a single nation to collect these documents. Yes, there are also documents created in the aftermath of the war, even at the state level. Some men made claims on the state government, for example.
     Other colonies (now states) would have their own records, except in cases where these have been destroyed. Another thing to keep in mind: a few newer states had ties to the original colonies. For example, a man who lived in what is now Maine during the Revolution might be listed on a record at the Massachusetts Archives, because at that time Maine was a part of Massachusetts.
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