[APG Public List] Rev War records

Terry Reigel terry at reigelridge.com
Mon Nov 22 12:52:22 MST 2010

FamRSearch at aol.com wrote:
> The problem with Revolutionary War Records is that the
> United States was not a nation during that time.  Most of
> the records were local or colonial (state).  
> So the first question should be what colony are you
> looking for? Do you have reason to believe the person
> served in wither local militia or the state levy to the
> continental levy.  


That was very helpful. Do you know about records in New York? I'm trying to run down records for someone who was in the 13th Albany Co. Militia. The only record I've found is James A.Roberts, _New York in the Revolution as a Colony and State_ (Albany: Weed-Parsons Printing Co., 1897) which I understand is based on records that are no longer in existence.

Terry Reigel

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