[APG Public List] Mail Delivery Failure

Dee Gibson-Roles wncgen at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 21 16:46:06 MST 2010

It appears the EVERYONE is having trouble.  I have heard complaints from all 
directions and members of many lists.  Rootsweb doesn't seem particularly 
interested in fixing the problem apparently.


From: "Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG" <sully1 at carolina.rr.com>
To: apgpubliclist at apgen.org; transitional-genealogists-forum at rootsweb.com
Sent: Sun, November 21, 2010 6:40:40 PM
Subject: [APG Public List] Mail Delivery Failure

Is anyone else subscribed to Rootsweb mailing lists and getting messages 
returned sporadically in the last two weeks as "Mail Delivery Failure"? This 
question is deliberately being sent to both the T-G-F list (rootsweb) and to the 
APG Public list (a private entity).

One Rootsweb Help Desk explanation is the chronic on-going with AOL users, but 
as I have never associated with AOL, that explanation does not apply to me.


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