[APG Public List] [MODERATOR] Please read carefully

Drew Smith drewsmithtpa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 10:58:13 MST 2010

In a previous posting (in reference to an inappropriate posting to the
list), I wrote:

"No further discussion is needed on this."

Two more postings were made to the list after that, instead of merely
privately to me.

Apparently, I need to be more explicit.

1.  If at any time on the list, you feel that a posting to the list
was inappropriate, do *not* respond on the list about it.  Contact me
(or Kathy Hinckley) privately.  It does not benefit the list to have
discussions about whether or not a posting to the list was
appropriate.  The list administrators will investigate and take
appropriate action (as they already have).

2.  From this point forward, anyone who continues this discussion on
the list will be immediately placed on moderate status.

Drew Smith
APG Secretary

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