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   This is an interesting question. I will be interested in what  others 
have to say. I only have one instance in my direct line that I am aware  of. I 
use Brother's Keeper to record my genealogy. Brother's Keeper allows for  
me to enter additional names that a person is know by. One of the choices is  
'Adopted Name'. So, in my case I entered his surname the same as his 
biological  father and then entered his step father's surname under 'Adopted 
   Wondering if this is how others would resolve this. Or if  there are 
other solutions that could be used?
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I'm  interested in the list readers' thoughts concerning the following.  A  
husband and wife have two children.  The marriage ends in  divorce...the 
mother remarries and the ex-husband gives up all rights to  his two 
The two children are then known by their adoptive  father's surname.  All 
family members know the biological and  adoptive father's.  The original 
husband would be noted, of course,  as the woman's first husband and 
biological father of the two  children.  But should the children be entered 
only under their  adopted surname or should the biological surname be 
included in  parenthesis along with the adopted surname?  Or, is there 
another way  of entering this situation in a genealogy?
Thanks, Mary  

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