[APG Public List] War of 1812 Veteran

Larry Boswell laboswell at rogers.com
Sat Nov 13 06:47:03 MST 2010

I've had some luck in the past by going at it from the other direction.  Find out what you can about the regiments mentioned in those Ancestry 'finds'.  Many of them have reenactment groups now, and within those groups there are sometimes good amateur historians who have extensive knowledge about the regiments.  In one case I was able to find that an individual was taken prisoner by the Brits, which led to a record in English military files.  Knowing more about the regiments, who commanded them, where mustered, and things like that can sometimes open up other sources (personal papers of the commander, for example, where sometimes muster rolls have ended up).  And in the end if all you can do is place the individual in one regiment or another, at least by digging out that history you have opened up what the individual's war experiences may have been.  To me that's as important as finding his name in a pension roll


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