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I thought I'd clarify since it wouldn't be clear to me from what others have
said -- your guy MIGHT have had an actual pension, but I'd say that most did
not.  It's the bounty land APPLICATION that gives some details about the
service of the soldier. He told what he'd done and under whom he'd served,
etc., in order to qualify.  Sometimes it's not much, but it's so much better
than absolutely nothing.  Those bounty-land applications are filed
alphabetically. So even though they may not be and are probably not on any
list anywhere, they can be searched for a particular soldier.


On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM, Joel S. Russell <joelsr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Cheryl,
> Have you checked Pension and Bounty Land records from the NARA?  I've had
> very good luck with information on War of 1812 Veterans in both of these
> record sets.  I even found on man who received Bounty Land, which led me to
> his Pension file that had been disallowed because he'd not served enough
> days.  On another his widow applied for a got Bounty Land after the man's
> death.
> Good luck!
> Joel
> http://www.rafert.org/home
> At 07:02 PM 11/12/2010, Cheryl Brown Abernathy wrote:
>> Where would the best place be to find information of a War of 1812
>> veteran? I have an ancestor that served in the War of 1812, according to a
>> marker on his grave. He is buried in Ohio (d. 1847) and purchased land here
>> in 1817. I have found two Service Records for a man of his name on Ancestry,
>> which may or may not be the same man. One served with the 37 Regiment
>> (Noble's), New York Militia and the other was the 2 Regiment (Fifield's)
>> Vermont Militia. He came from Essex County, NY, so either one of those could
>> possibly fit him. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
>> Thanks,
>> Cheryl
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