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Fri Nov 12 11:41:00 MST 2010

Larry wrote:
> I think there's too much potential of ending up with something that
doesn't match the purposes that I create source citations for, when you fill
in blanks in some template.  ...  I think sometimes we are too consumed by
"proper format" and form in genealogy, at the expense of more important

And, of course, there is a related issue that begins as an advantage but
often become a detriment. For the vast numbers of people who come into
genealogy and are having to learn how to cite sources at the same time
they're having to learn how to do research, ready-made templates are a
convenient guide and a learning tool. The problem comes when they don't move
past the stage of relying upon those templates, rather than learning the
principles behind them well enough to skillfully analyze their sources, the
information they get from those sources, and the evidence they derive from
their information.

That, of course, is why EE does all the "explaining" that Evidence! doesn't.
What is dismaying is the number of genealogists who do use EE but only for
the templates--or those who buy software with the expectation that the
templates will automatically take care of citation so they don't need a
guide--and so they miss the instruction they need on evidence analysis.
(And, in saying this, let me hasten to add that I'm not just plugging EE
here. Valuable instruction on the analysis of genealogical evidence is
provided by other guides such as those by Merriman and Rose.)


Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
The Evidence Series 

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