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A.C. Ivory ac.ivory at findmyancestor.com
Thu Nov 11 10:48:05 MST 2010

I know that a lot of these emails that get sent around come from hackers
that have managed to hack into your Facebook account. With all of the apps,
websites, etc. that Facebook feels they need to have access to, it becomes a
security concern. For instance, the other day I noticed that on my MSN
Messenger, it has ALL of my contacts on Facebook! I NEVER gave MSN or
Facebook access to my MSN account, ever! I don't even use the same email
address for Facebook that I do for MSN. How they somehow got access to each
other, I have no idea.

I definitely encourage people to go through their privacy settings on all
their accounts whether it be Facebook, Gmail, MSN, Twitter, etc. and make
sure that they haven't given themselves access to something they shouldn't
have. I know that because of some of these services and apps, games, etc. on
Facebook, people have been hacked and therefore spam/trash emails like the
ones many of us received, including me, from Jeanette yesterday. Yesterday
alone I receive *7 *emails from all sorts of people in my Facebook and other
contact lists that were the EXACT same spam/trash/hackers.

I want to let everyone know that in no way am I blaming Jeanette nor anyone
else when things like this happen, I am just asking that everyone please be
careful and know who/what has access to your accounts because it does affect
others when we receive emails and of course none of us want any virus',
malware, hacks, etc.
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On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 7:45 AM, Jeanette Daniels <
jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Everyone,
> I realize that some of you did not get the email I sent trying to keep you
> from opening up suspicious looking emails from myself.  I did not send them
> but somehow my email address box which includes both the apg members and apg
> public lists was affected and many of you got strange emails supposedly from
> me.
> I ran a full virus scan, updated my virus protection software, searched
> through every nook and cranny of my computer and did not find a virus.  A
> few of you wrote to me and suggested that I was being "spoofed" not
> "spammed" or did not have a "virus."  I believe that that is the case and
> want to urge any of you who opened one of the strange email links to change
> your email password as soon as possible.  That seems to stop the problem.
> At least, I hope so.  So far, my computer seems quite normal again and I
> hope it stays that way.
> I hope the same for the rest of you.
> Jeanette Daniels
> Heritage Genealogical College
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