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Sheri Fenley sherifenley at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 10:18:53 MST 2010

Here is the scenario:

A man comes to America from Italy in 1914 and ends up in Los Angeles,
California.  He files a Declaration of Intention in 1934.  He waits 2 years
and then files a Petition For Naturalization on 23 July 1934.

On the back of the petition, it states:

"Petition denied:  List No. 7    26 April 1937"

I guess I have 3 questions:

1.  What is the "List No. 7?"

2.  What were considered  reasons for denial of a petition?   On paper it
appears that he fulfilled all the requirements.
He filed his declared his intention, got a certificate of arrival from the
dept. of Labor, swore his allegiance to the U.S. and renounced his to the
King of Italy, had 2 people attest to his good moral character and he was
employed. He had been married briefly in Northern California and had 2
children but divorced and moved to Southern California.

3.  When his petition was denied, would he have been deported?

Thanks for any enlightenment.

Sheri Fenley
Stockton, California
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