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The latest specifications can be found here: 
_http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GEDCOM_ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GEDCOM) 
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Good  answer, Barbara! I was thinking along those same lines and wish Bob
Velke  or Bob Anderson could weigh in on this one. There's a link with
similar  projects, as well as the GENTECH Data Model  at


Laura G. Prescott
Brookline,  NH

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> I believe that what  you are looking for is the GenTech Data Model which
> was developed a  few years ago by GenTech.
> Try this link  http://www.ngsgenealogy.org/cs/GenTech_Projects
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> On 11/9/2010 3:34 PM, John  wrote:
>> In the IT world the specs are written by professionals with  no
>> conflict of interest, and then the programmers write to the  specs, not
>> to their interests.
>> Today, we  have what you say. Sadly.
>> John
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>> I believe there is a fresh breeze ablowin' and from my  understanding 
>> you propose is what is happening. However it  takes a long time to turn 
>> train and many hands. RootsTech  appears to be the meeting place of
>> those who
>> care to  turn the tide and sit in the driver's seat of that train. And 
>>  some are even professional genealogists. <g>
>> Of course one can always lead the horse to water but  can you make a
>> programmer drink of the waters?
>> Do we have enough metaphors?  <g>
>> --  Elissa
>> Elissa Scalise  Powell, CG
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>> I just read about this on line. Although valuable, it isn't what  I had 
>> mind.
>> From what I see the  vendors are dominant, pushing their products at
>> consumers. Good to  know what is available, but what I am proposing is 
>> the  professional genealogists take the bull by the horns and tell,
>>  formally,
>> the vendors what they need to be offering. With no sales  pitch
>> interaction.
>> Just technological  feasibility.
>> In my experience, vendors love to hear  feedback, and then just offer 
>> they feel like  anyway.
>> What I propose needs to be a body where  professional genealogists are
>> in the
>> drivers seat. Not  the vendors. We all see how that is working out. ;-)

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