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This sounds like the newly revisioned RootsTech conference which will be
held in SLC in February. They encourage new ideas pitched to developers. It
sounds like you would find kindred souls there.


-- Elissa in Pittsburgh


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Is there a professional genealogy body that convenes and develops
specifications that genealogy programs need to offer?
It should have vendor representatives, but the body itself must be
independent of them.
It should be composed of individuals with credentials, either genealogical
and/or technological.
They should develop a draft of required features and make it public for
comment and review. Similar to the RFC reports developed for specifying
computer technologies. Vendors then program to those specifications.
Good ideas from vendors and their existing programs can be adopted. But the
bar can be set high. I'm sure professional genealogists have a wish list for
every program they use. How about making one universal wish list, and maybe
existing vendors will program to it. Or a new start up will.
And someone could do a consumer reports like evaluation of how well various
vendors meet the critera. And where they fail.

Is it worth advancing this idea?

Such a team could recommend GEDCOM replacement specifications, or at least
attempt to get an intellectual consensus. Recommend multiplatform ability
via modern computer technologies (maybe too ambitious, but worthy of a
discussion). And much more. I'll stop here for now.

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