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A.C. Ivory ac.ivory at findmyancestor.com
Tue Nov 9 10:00:53 MST 2010

Larry and all,

In my opinion, it depends on what you are wanting with your software. I have
used Reunion for about two years and I am thoroughly pleased with it. It has
great customization capabilities and is very simple and easy to use.
However, I feel that their charts and reports lack many different things.
Their charts and reports are fine, but they could definitely be updated to a
more "friendly" look. They are pretty plain and boring.

I also have started to use Mac Family Tree, which I find to be pretty good.
Mac Family Tree is more visually pleasing when it comes to charts and
reports, however, I think that their sourcing capabilities is an extreme
downside. Compared to Reunion, Mac Family Tree just has very basic sourcing
fields to enter information.

For me, I usually use Reunion for my main database software, but then I
export a GEDCOM file and use Mac Family Tree if I am wanting to make a
report or chart.

Over this last weekend Mac Family Tree was 50% off at MacUpdatePromo
website, but I see that it is still on sale for 20% off ($39.20) for the
next five days.
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On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 9:17 AM, Larry Boswell <laboswell at rogers.com> wrote:

> Any suggestions for Mac application?  Is Reunion the best option?
> thx
> Larry
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