[APG Public List] the new vs. the old Family History Library catalog

Jill N. Crandell jncrandell at broadweave.net
Mon Nov 8 17:04:25 MST 2010

Helen wrote:

If you don't like the new beta Family History Library catalog, please let
them know! 


Helen and all interested,


I agree that feedback should be given to make constructive suggestions and
to let FamilySearch know your thoughts on the catalog. However, if it makes
you feel better, we just had a meeting with FS and they are VERY aware that
the catalog is not yet what it should be. This is a beta site, and the full
programming is not yet completed. I was extremely frustrated with the new
catalog, and now after the meeting, I am excited with where it is going.
They are working hard on multiple fronts with the new FamilySearch,
FamilySearch indexing, the new FHLC, the wiki, and more. It all just takes
time to get it done. Keep watching the site. We were told that improvements
were being made regularly, and I can tell you that the whole beta site
changed three days after I taught my students about it this semester!



Jill N. Crandell, AGR

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