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Thank you Stephen, for your time and insight. So helpful!

Stephen Danko wrote:
> Hi Cynthia,
> I can think of two reasons the mother's maiden name may have 
> been indexed as z d. Pomeranz in several birth records and as z d. 
> Goldfarb in one other birth record.  Other people might be able to 
> think of other reasons.
> The first reason is that the clerk who recorded the birth may have 
> recorded the mother's mother's surname instead of the mother's 
> father's surname in the original record.
> The second reason is that the indexer might have incorrectly recorded 
> Dwojra's maiden name as Goldfarb instead of Pomeranz.  Normally, 
> Polish birth records will describe the mother as "Dwojra z domu 
> Pomeranz" meaning "Dwojra née Pomeranz."  But, if the original record 
> provided information about the mother's parents, it might have 
> been written something like "Dwojra, córka Salomona i Sari z domu 
> Goldfarb Pomeranzów", meaning " Dwojra, daughter of Salomon and Sara 
> (née Goldfarb) Pomeranz."  If the mother's parents were listed in the 
> original record, the indexer might have thought that whatever followed 
> "z domu" was the mother's maiden name and didn't realize that what 
> followed "z domu" in this record was actually the mother's mother's 
> maiden name.  If this is the case, you will know for certain once you 
> find the original record.
> Best regards,
> Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS
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> Thank you, Stephen! Is there any understanding you can give of the 
> reason her own mother's maiden name was used in the last of her own 
> children's birth records? ..that is, that she was named  Dwoja z d. 
> Goldfarb (not Pomeranz as in her other children's) therein? Is there 
> an historical antecedent for that kind of entry?  Her marriage record 
> clearly shows this woman daughter of father Salomon Pomeranz and 
> mother Sara Goldfarb. Her birth record lists her the daughter of 
> Salomon Pomeranz and Sura (listed under surname in what might be an 
> error for placement in transcription and perhaps actually referring to 
> the mother's given name). I'm wondering if there was an establishing 
> of Dworja's Jewish line through mother involved in the decision or 
> some other understood historical practice for the one aberrant entry 
> giving her as 'z d. Goldfarb'.
> Stephen Danko wrote:
> > Cynthia,
> >  "z d." probably stands for "z domu" = "from the house (of)" = 
> "née".  In original Polish records, the phrase "z domu" means that the 
> following surname is the woman's maiden name.
> >  Best regards,
> > Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS
> > http://www.stephendanko.com/
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> > In JewishGen search under name Weinstein in Sokolow (Galicia)  , the 
> last name for a mother is given as 'WEINSTEIN z d. POMERANZ' and later 
> in another child's entry as 'WEINSTEIN z d. GOLDFARB'. She was the 
> second wife to Baruch Weinstein. Can someone help me with what exactly 
> the z d means? The records are from 1896-1902.
> > Thanks
> > Cynthia

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