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Hi Cynthia,

I can think of two reasons the mother's maiden name may have been indexed as z 
d. Pomeranz in several birth records and as z d. Goldfarb in one other birth 
record.  Other people might be able to think of other reasons.

The first reason is that the clerk who recorded the birth may have recorded the 
mother's mother's surname instead of the mother's father's surname in the 
original record.

The second reason is that the indexer might have incorrectly recorded Dwojra's 
maiden name as Goldfarb instead of Pomeranz.  Normally, Polish birth records 
will describe the mother as "Dwojra z domu Pomeranz" meaning "Dwojra née 
Pomeranz."  But, if the original record provided information about the mother's 
parents, it might have been written something like "Dwojra, córka Salomona i 
Sari z domu Goldfarb Pomeranzów", meaning " Dwojra, daughter of Salomon and Sara 
(née Goldfarb) Pomeranz."  If the mother's parents were listed in the original 
record, the indexer might have thought that whatever followed "z domu" was the 
mother's maiden name and didn't realize that what followed "z domu" in this 
record was actually the mother's mother's maiden name.  If this is the case, you 
will know for certain once you find the original record.

Best regards,
Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS

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Thank you, Stephen! Is there any understanding you can give of the reason her 
own mother's maiden name was used in the last of her own children's birth 
records? ..that is, that she was named  Dwoja z d. Goldfarb (not Pomeranz as in 
her other children's) therein? Is there an historical antecedent for that kind 
of entry?  Her marriage record clearly shows this woman daughter of father 
Salomon Pomeranz and mother Sara Goldfarb. Her birth record lists her the 
daughter of Salomon Pomeranz and Sura (listed under surname in what might be an 
error for placement in transcription and perhaps actually referring to the 
mother's given name). I'm wondering if there was an establishing of Dworja's 
Jewish line through mother involved in the decision or some other understood 
historical practice for the one aberrant entry giving her as 'z d. Goldfarb'.

Stephen Danko wrote:
> Cynthia,
>  "z d." probably stands for "z domu" = "from the house (of)" = "née".  In 
>original Polish records, the phrase "z domu" means that the following surname is 
>the woman's maiden name.
>  Best regards,
> Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS
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> In JewishGen search under name Weinstein in Sokolow (Galicia)  , the last name 
>for a mother is given as 'WEINSTEIN z d. POMERANZ' and later in another child's 
>entry as 'WEINSTEIN z d. GOLDFARB'. She was the second wife to Baruch Weinstein. 
>Can someone help me with what exactly the z d means? The records are from 
> Thanks
> Cynthia
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