[APG Public List] mapping and research

L. Boswell laboswell at rogers.com
Mon Nov 1 10:50:13 MDT 2010

sorry, forgot to change the subject in that last one.

Good point John, and GPS coordinates mean much the same thing (I just like to 
remind people that this isn't based on something new!)

Michael, got to thinking here.  How important is mapping and the use of maps to 
you in your research?   I barely move without referring to a map when I working 
on a file.   More likely multiple maps.  If your answer is "pretty important" 
than the use of coordinates is simply going to be a good tool to have on hand. 
 If you never work with maps, then I can see your point.  But I don't see how I 
could do effective research without referencing things to a location on a map of 
some sort

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