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Good morning, I am not sure you can put a timeframe on someone else's time even when they offer to do something. Now being paid to do something is different. With that said I do feel people should be responsible to be clear on their time and maintain some form of communication, no doubt. For one, I do lots and lots of lookups, etc., for others and it does take time, it is add it to my 'to do" list, right along with what I am doing when I am accessing the same area information. I am one of these organizational geeks that has a lookup file that I maintain, so it gets checked off just like my personal research tasks. I routinely go to Richmond and typically do not make separate trips for individuals, it will go with my flow unless there is a sense of urgency and it was communicated to me as such. I too work a full time job, an adjunct, and active in community activities. But, some routines can change and it should be communicated. To date, my time is typically a couple of weeks to 30 days, and no one has complained yet. So if you ask me for anything you got my routine, I am in Central VA and cover some West VA counties. Just my 2cents. Thanks, this is a good discussion. Enjoy your holiday!!!

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7 April, 2010,  I sent an email to an APG member asking about having some church records searched. 

12 April the genealogist replied that yes, this was something that could be done. 

Today is Sunday 30 May 2010, and there has been no additional communication from the pro genealogist. I did inform the genealogist there was no hurry for this work to be done; however, it seems by now I should at least have a date for the work to begin. Did I shoot myself in the foot, so to speak, by indicating there is no hurry? If I had a start date, there would be no hurry. 

I would very much appreciate comments on reasonable time period to wait for the genealogist to provide a starting date for the requested research. 

Thanks for your opinions.


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