[APG Public List] Reasonable time to wait for reply from professional genealogist

hhsh at earthlink.net hhsh at earthlink.net
Sun May 30 06:18:55 MDT 2010

Mag --

That can be a dangerous phrase to use! In my previous life, I did find that 
there seemed to be two kinds of very busy people: those who responded quickly 
and did what they agreed to do or else said "No thanks," and those who were 
overwhelmed by it all. 

I think it's fair to say, whether we have a regular job or not, many of us are 
not that far from a schedule meltdown, one that might well not be our personal 
fault. (For one thing, given our median age, our own health and our older 
relatives' health can't always be taken for granted.) I would follow up 
politely and assume the best. As someone who has sometimes been the slow person 
for one reason or another, I do not mind being asked what's going on.

As a rule (one I wish I always remembered to follow with regard to remote 
archives, etc.), I would ask at the outset some such question as, "When should 
I check back if I haven't heard from you?" How that question is answered may be 
informative in itself.


Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from Northwest Indiana
hhsh at earthlink.net
home office 219/324-2620

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