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Christopher Gray Christopher.Gray at Newscope-Solutions.co.uk
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I sincerely hope that this “pro genealogist” isn’t me!


This would seem a fairly frequent occurrence in the genealogical world.
Some of them are miss-understandings.  For example – and I’m not saying that
this happened in your case – the genealogist said that this could be done.
Did he/she say that they would do it?  Are they waiting for you to give them
instruction to do so?  You use the term “pro genealogist” – is this a
paid-for item of work?


I suggest that you send another e-mail asking for guidance as to how long to
wait before expecting results.


Personally speaking, I have a “day job” that is not genealogy.  Therefore,
if I undertake an item of research, I make it clear that it could take 3-6
months before I can complete it – possibly longer if I hit a “brick wall”.
That said, I do try and complete the first steps within a day or two.  Step
one – send them my understanding of what they are requesting.  Step two, for
example – a quick trawl of easily accessible on-line records – sending the
client a summary of the findings and what the next step would be.  It is
likely that the client already has this information, but it at least ensures
that you are starting from common ground, and shows that you are at least
starting.  A lack of correspondence can lead, as you have proved, to
uncertainty and concern.




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7 April, 2010,  I sent an email to an APG member asking about having some
church records searched. 

12 April the genealogist replied that yes, this was something that could be

Today is Sunday 30 May 2010, and there has been no additional communication
from the pro genealogist. I did inform the genealogist there was no hurry
for this work to be done; however, it seems by now I should at least have a
date for the work to begin. Did I shoot myself in the foot, so to speak, by
indicating there is no hurry? If I had a start date, there would be no

I would very much appreciate comments on reasonable time period to wait for
the genealogist to provide a starting date for the requested research. 

Thanks for your opinions.


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