[APG Public List] How do I obtain permission to re-print article from out of print magazine?

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Thu May 27 13:39:45 MDT 2010

On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 7:10 AM, MFP <courthouseresearcher at gmail.com> wrote:
In writing my part of our family history, I wish to use an article found in
Georgia Genealogical Magazine No. 97, Summer 1985, p174. Thinking that
magazine is published by the Georgia Genealogical Society, I wrote there and
was told the two entities are not one and the same; furthermore, the Georgia
Genealogical Magazine is  now out of print.

Thanks to all who have so far responded to my query.
I apologize for not stating at the beginning of this inquiry that the record
I wish to use/copy was found in Baker County, Georgia Box of Special
Collections Division at The Georgia Department of Archives and History in
Atlanta, GA. (The Archives has since re-located, and I do not have its
present address memorized.)

Do I still need to go through the magazine and its editoris/writers? Do I
contact the Georgia State Archives for permission?

As might readily be seen, this is my first attempt at writing family


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