[APG Public List] How do I obtain permission to re-print article from out of print magazine?

MFP courthouseresearcher at gmail.com
Thu May 27 05:10:29 MDT 2010

In writing my part of our family history, I wish to use an article found in
Georgia Genealogical Magazine No. 97, Summer 1985, p174. Thinking that
magazine is published by the Georgia Genealogical Society, I wrote there and
was told the two entities are not one and the same; furthermore, the Georgia
Genealogical Magazine is  now out of print.

Will someone please advise me as to whom to contact regarding re-printing of
that article in our family history? There are presently no plans to publish
our history by four of our five member research group; however, one of us,
the fifth member, has published a book and we don't yet know her plans, but
whether she publishes or whether the article is just distributed to family
members, I would like to use that article in the history of our family.

Thank you all for helping with this dilemma.

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