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Jeanette Daniels jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com
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I have something similar in my own pedigree 
chart.  I suspect that my 2 great grandfather was a bigamist 
because I find him with different women every 10 years with different 
states for birth places, etc.  I believe I know where some of his 
descendants live in Florida but I haven't had the nerve to contact them yet to get family 
information. I have found that he faked his death with my 2 great 
grandmother who lived the rest of her life as a widow with a small child and I found him getting married in the next county to a women with 
several children and according to the census she would have been 5 
months pregnant at the time of the marriage.  

    Contacting them is on my to do list, but I want to make sure that I've looked at every 
possible angle before stirring anything up.  Ethically, I know that 
contacting these people will be a problem.  

    Years ago I was 
corresponding with a few of my relatives on my Stivender ancestors.  We 
all worked together to trace the line successfully back to Austria to 
the late 1300s.  It was a great!  But one person who contacted us to 
help him with his own Stivender line turned out that he came through the "black sheep" line of the family.  We figured it out and I made the 
mistake of letting him know over the phone.  He worked as an army 
recruiter at the time and he was so excited when I called to let him 
know that I had the connection for him, that he put his speaker phone on loud in a room with other recruiters and I gave him the news that his 
branch of the family were recruited by the Loyalists and escaped from South Carolina to North Carolina and then moved to Texas (then Mexico) as fast as they could.  I had the trail from NC, to Georgia, through Louisiana, etc.  My distant relative had his pencil and paper ready for the 
information and as I began and he   realized that his Stivender 
ancestor was a Loyalist, he quickly turned off the speaker phone and 
moved to another phone.  I gave him some of the information and he was 
so deflated that he told me he didn't want to know anymore.    

Jeanette Daniels
    Heritage Genealogical College


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