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I don't think so.

What works for me is a series of templates that I have put together in Word.

Once I have established a footnote for something, censuses say, that I am satisfied with, I put it in a my Template take, listing a first reference, a second reference and a source list entry.  Then I just call the template up and usually copy the reference I need from the template to the thing I am working on. It has to be edited of course but that does not take long.  It helps that I have a wide screen monitor.. 

Janey E Joyce in San Antonio, Texas.

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Finally some time to clean up my own family 
files (or at least clean up the material added over the last few years, gathered 
up but not properly recorded)
thought to save time on citations, I'd 
automate things and save time by employing by Source Writer in Legacy 
(since I have the program sitting here). In the end I've come dow to simply 
using the "override" feature where you type in your own citation, so no savings 
on the table with that. Seemed more time being wasted filling in the 
information in the provided template, and then trying to rejig it to reflect 
what I wanted. Maybe I just didn't take the time to learn how to use this 
automatated 'tool', but are any of these features (on any program) worth the 
Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
& Genealogical Research Services"
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Ontario, Canada
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