[APG Public List] No Call Scam?

Carolyne Gould carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca
Fri May 14 23:28:25 MDT 2010


My husband has a friend who lives in Missouri about your "letter." He 
said to send the letter, and the envelope it came in, to the Missouri 
Attorney General's Office with a cover letter. He said the last 
person who tried playing with the state's "no call" list is now 
spending 40 years in jail.


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>I live in Virginia, and have lived full time in Virginia since late 
>2003. In today's mailbox (real mail) I received a letter, supposedly 
>from current Missouri Attorney General Chris Kostner asking me to 
>verify my former phone number on the NO CALL list, then asking me 
>for my current email address and phone numbers. Gee, where is the 
>REAL attorney general when you need him? Has anyone else received 
>this piece of junk?
>Craig Kilby
>Formerly of St. Louis, MO
>Now of Lancaster, VA

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