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Maria --

When you are on any particular page in the directory, you can click on the far-
left tab that says "About Image." It will include the name of the publisher, 
which will at least enable you to know in a very sketchy way which of the 
several commingled directories you are reading a page of.

Should you want to view a title page of that directory for citation purposes, 
go back to the overview thumbnail browse window (not the "filmstrip"), scroll 
all the way to the end, and work your way back up. Most title pages are located 
back here, and you just have to look for a thumbnail that looks like a title 
page, click on it, and see if it is the one you want. For instance, one of your 
publishers in 1850 is Charles Rode, and I found his title page several rows up 
from the end, at


Repeat for all directories that have been commingled. Of course they are not in 
fact all for "1850," which would certainly make life easier for librarians and 
commercial database publishers; Rode's said his was for 1850-1851, and he 
should know. In my experience with Chicago directories from this era, the 
stated "publisher" may not be the same name as you or I would designate from 
looking at the title page, but the name does offer a clue.

With Chicago directories, I found it useful to print out a copy of the title 
page of each directory, once found, along with its URL (as above), so as not to 
have to go through this repeatedly.

I appreciate Footnote's willingness to have its knowledgeable experts 
communicate with its customers, and its desire to undo the damage done by an 
ill-conceived initial process (which is still IMHO better than nothing). I 
would not, however, postpone any directory research based on hopes for a quick 


Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from Northwest Indiana
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