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I spoke with Krista, a content specialist, at Footnote this afternoon. Your
post was sent to her this morning.

Here is the problem: When Footnote entered each directory, they did so under
the year the directory was for. So if you search the New York City directory
for 1850, I believe you get three directories for that year. Thus, you have
three pages numbered 246, 247, and 248. The pages containing names were
numbered, however, the front matter was not. Front matter is found at the
end of the directory because the number was left blank.

They recognize that this is causing problems and the matter is being "taken
seriously" and they are actively working on it. According to the specialist,
they are going to separate the directories and a system for putting the
front matter in order for each directory will be implemented.

She was knowledgeable and I believe that Footnote will follow through on
this issue.

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On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 10:41 AM, Maria Hopper <reetree at optonline.net>wrote:

> Can someone explain to me how to use footnote city directories. There seem
> to be several different directories filmed together - with no indication as
> to the publishers of the various directories, for example in 1850 in NY City
> :
> p. 246 is Hortsman - Houston followed by
> p.246 US Mercantile Union Directory
> p.246  is Hogan - Holl
> p. 247 is Printers
> P.247 Liberty Court
> p.247 in Houston to Howell
> p.248 U. S. Mercantile Union Directory
> p.248  Holland - Holmes
> p.248 Printers
> p. 248 U.S. Mercantile etc
> p249 How- Hoy
> The two alphabetical listings are not the same. There are only 5 John
> Hopper entries on p. 246,  and 7 John Hopper entries on p.250 (4 identical,
> 1 slightly different and two new).
> Ree
>  Maria (Ree)  Hopper, CG*
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> Certification of Genealogist, used under license by board certified
> genealogist after periodic evaluation, and the board name is registered in
> the U.S. Patent Office.
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