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We received one of those "the sky is falling" mass emails linking to a utube
rant from a guy who said the government was invading everyone's privacy by
taking the census. I suggested that the sender should return his military
retirement checks and his Social Security checks if he doesn't want the
government to know where to find him. His step-daughter then took me to


I suppose the world has always had crazies. Technology has just given them a
broader stage.


Barbara Brixey Wylie

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This will probably bring a light thought to you genealogically minded folks.
A couple of days ago a Tampa area census enumerator was threatened with a
pickaxe when the enumerator wanted to ask him those simple 10 questions.  Of
course the man with the pickaxe is facing aggravated battery charges and
will spend some time in the cooler.  

I guess the folks in old Tombstone, Arizona would have yanked out his 45 and
filled the enumerator full of lead if he had been desirous of eliminating
the enumerator.  I don't think this enumerator in Tampa was actually harmed
but was probably scared enough to take leave of his job 


Alvie L. Davidson CG
Lakeland, Florida


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