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Tue May 11 11:53:15 MDT 2010

The reason I was using the database format for a digital image wasn't simply because EE contains a database example from the National Archives of Australia, but because I got it confused with a source definition I already had,


namely this one: 




The problem with the above definition is that it doesn't conform to Archival style, meaning there was no room for the series number, title or date range. I understand now that this is very much a website definition.


I do beleive I've got the handle on it now.  It is confusing, no matter how many years I plug away at it and I'm convinced it's just not something I'm very good at.  


my new definition looks like this:




PSORAKIS Panayoti George born 1910 Nationality: Greek - Arrived Mascot per Aircraft N88883 21 Feb 1949; D4878, Alien registration documents, alphabetical series, circa 1 Jan 1937 - circa 31 Dec 1964; National Archives of Australia: Department of Immigration, South Australia Branch; digital images,National Archives of Australia (http://naa12.naa.gov.au : accessed 10 May 2010).


Thank you to both Elizabeth and Carole for the help.


Elizabeth, your response made me laugh out loud because you were right on the money. I tend to use Evidence Explained as "1100 Handy Citation Models You Can Pick From for Whatever You Use."


That said, I am getting better, but very slowly :) It only takes me 1 day to compose a nice citation instead of a week! :)



Debbie Sideratos Petrides

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