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Carole Riley carole at heritagegenealogy.com.au
Mon May 10 22:38:48 MDT 2010

Sorry Debbie, I thought originally you weren't looking for help with the
citation. I must admit that I don't use the example in EE for the National
Archives of Australia on page 628. For one thing, you are looking at digital
images and not an entry in a database, and secondly the NAA has its own
standard for citing its holdings, which you can find here:
Unfortunately it hasn't been updated now that image can be downloaded.

In a nutshell, it uses the model- 

Repository: Agency; Series number, Series Title and date range; Item number,
Item Title and date range. I then add the individual page within the file,
if necessary. 

Only then do I add that I got the digital image from the NAA website, but I
don't consider that the search engine, RecordSearch, is relevant. My
understanding is that the barcode relates to the images rather than the
actual records, but I'm not certain.

So in this case I might say:

National Archives of Australia: Department of Immigration, South Australia
Branch; D4878, Alien registration documents, alphabetical series, circa 1
Jan 1937 - circa 31 Dec 1964; PSORAKIS Panayoti George born 1910
Nationality: Greek - Arrived Mascot per Aircraft N88883 21 Feb 1949. Digital
images, accessed 10 May 2010,

I'm not sure whether the web address should be that specific, as it may be
different if the NAA change their software. You could also put the barcode
in [brackets], as it has been given by the repository and not the original
agency. I never have, but I'm open to correction.

I know this is entirely different to the way records are cited in the States
and elsewhere, with the repository first down to specifics last, so it may
be confusing if you cite this one this way and all your other sources the
other way around. This is the way we do it here, and the State archives use
the same standard. Our records are much more centralised than in other
countries, and it works for us.

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