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My question has to do with Dr. Jabez True, born Hampstead, NH, who served as
a surgeon on a vessel from Newburyport, MA, that was shipwrecked somewhere
on the coast of the Netherlands during the Revolutionary War, was welcomed
by the Dutch people and stayed there until the end of hostilities, then
to Gilmanton, NH, where he studied medicine with a Dr. Flagg, until 1788,
when he came as an early settler of Marietta, OH, where he then served as a
surgeon at Fort Harmar and teacher at Campus Martius.

How can I document his privateer service?  This was not with a military
unit, but it served the cause of the colonists.

How can I find the ship's name or the captain's list?

Ernie Thode
Local History & Genealogy Libraria
Marietta, OH
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