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Larry wrote:
>Shouldn't there be a mention in a citation if you've intentionally altered
the image after downloading it (I'd include even changes in contrast, or
other techniques that make it more legible). 
 >I think mention of that fact is very necessary. A lot of well intentioned
'improvements' to a document can in fact remove or alter important visual
Larry, you raise a good point and I'm totally in agreement. If I may quote
from the preface of EE (p. 10), for those who don't have it:
"Evidence Explained is .  built on one basic thought: 
We cannot judge the reliability of any information unless we know
.    exactly where the information came from; and
.    the strengths and weaknesses of that source.
"As students, when we were introduced to research principles, we may have
been told that identifying sources is important for two reasons. First, we
provide "proof" for what we write. Second, we enable others to find what we
have used. Both  purposes are valid, but they miss the most critical point
of all:
"We identify our sources-and their strengths and weaknesses-so we can reach
the most reliable conclusions."
Those comments you are adding are important to the evaluation of your
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
Hendersonville, TN
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