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LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Fri May 7 08:25:59 MDT 2010

Hi, I really appreciate all the replies on list and off regarding Win 7. 
Really helped with my concerns.

I mentioned that since I have to change computers anyway, and have been 
dabbling a bit using hi-def video as an alternative to still photographs, I 
wonder if anyone is doing this kind of editing?  If so what are you working 
with (computer, software)?  I'm trying Sony Vegas series and Corel video 
studio.  Probably off list replies on this one, but maybe there's some 
interest out there?

Given more people have wider screen hi-def tvs, and simply because I enjoy 
playing around with the filming/editing side of it, I've worked in some 
video footage (ancestral home, related locations), period music, etc. as a 
supplement to the usual reports. So far it's been well received by the 
clients who have asked for it(but on current system it takes forever to 
render the final video, even if very short)

Half of this is just personal enjoyment as I enjoy doing the editing, but 
also I think allows a view of locations/homes that still shots can't do. And 
I get to play


Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
"Historical & Genealogical Research Services"
Listowner, TheoryGen (a non-archived list)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
laboswell at rogers.com
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