[APG Public List] Windows 7

Michol Colgan mlcolgan at verizon.net
Wed May 5 18:39:02 MDT 2010

I too had to purchase a new computer and it too came with Windows 7
installed by the manufacturer. I have had no problems with the workings of
the Windows program itself but I have had a problem logging onto a
subscription site that I belong to, seems the site doesn't want to recognize
my new computer. I have no problem logging on with my laptop, which runs
Windows XP, Windows 7 not such luck. And, of course, I can't seem to get a
hold of a real person at Microsoft or the manufacturer when I try and
contact customer service and the customer service at the website has no
idea! Grrrrrr.

At present I have a computer tech working on the problem and I have my
fingers crossed he can come up with the solution.


Michol Colgan

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