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My first thought was stave too, as in a barrel stave, one of the pieces
of wood bound together to form a barrel.  The word "stave" seems to have
been used historically to refer to various items, all having to do with
sticks of wood.  As a proper weapon, it seems related to a staff.  See:

However (as with any object!) a barrel stave can be used as a weapon.
We had a local murder case in the mid 1800s in which one guy hit the
other over the head with a barrel stave and killed him - he adopted a
different surname rather quickly and high-tailed it to Texas before the
sheriff could get him.

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I'm trying to transcribe a judge's notes pertaining to witness testimony
in an assault case and keep coming across a word I can't make sense of.
It clearly refers to a weapon with which the victim was struck. It looks
like "steve" or "stem" or "stew". Do any of these words refer to
something that could be a weapon? In case it's relevant, the event took
place in 1835 in Toronto, Canada.

Thanks in advance for your comments,


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